7 MAY 2017 @ Quatier Avenue, Emquatier G Floor
"Bangkok Attacker" Thailand's Top Pilot
Thailand Drone Grand Prix 2017

Thailand Drone Grang Prix is the consolidation of Thailand's Top Drone Pilots. It is the officially the first time of Drone Night Racing in Thailand where the race will be in downtown ofBangkok on the LED track. The race is extremely challenging as there will be obstacles through the track in order to win the Speed Champion. The exhibition will also include the new innovation, seminar and workshop done with the aviation guru. Furthermore, the audience can enjoy several activities and finger licking menus from Food Truck. Last but not least, the Entertainment Zone will also offer EDM & Hip-Hop concert from well known DJ.

Element of the Event
"Bangkok Attacker" Thailand's Top Pilot
"Bangkok Attacker" Thailand's Top Pilot Thailand’s First Drone Night Race in the heart of Bangkok.
Unmanned aircrafts or “Drone”, spider-shaped remote control airplanes might have been perceived only as high-tech filming equipment. However, “Drone” possesses many secret skills and is coming into our daily lives bit by bit, because they can be anything from just a toy to a surveillance aircraft for map generation.

Today we are walking closer to the “Drone” by getting to know the “Drone Racing”.

Drone Racing is the new air racing sport that comes with excitement in every second. It is a new sport for speed and challenge lovers as they have to mix multiple skills such as controlling, virtual navigation, and modification to have their drones speed up and fly towards barriers in the shortest period of time. What is more exciting is the live camera from Drone Racing, while competing at high speed as audiences can get the camera view similar to those of racers, just like they are sitting in that drones!

The "Bangkok Attacker" Thailand's Top Pilot competition is the first gathering of all drone racers in LED Night Race stadium. The organizer will stream live feeds on the large LED screen for real-time excitement in every movement shot in the first Drone Night Race in Thailand. The racing venue is located in Quartier Avenue, G Floor, The Emquartier shopping complex. It has been designed in a long-shaped rectangle which psychologically challenges racers since their first sights. They have to navigate their drones through five barriers including the Bridge Link that connects The Glass Quartier and The Helix Quartier while racers must fly their drones back and forth hence this requires advanced controlling skills. There is a long racing way that they can speed their drones, thus increasing their challenges.

The new state-of-the-art timing system from Team Black Sheep, an innovation specialist in FPV (Drone Racing), will be installed to increase excitement and challenging in the first-ever international standard drone racing in the country. This is also a pre-event for the major Thailand Drone Grand Prix 2017 which will be held later this year.

Thailand Drone Grand Prix 2017 "Bangkok Attacker" Thailand's Top Pilot Racing Venue @ Quartier Avenue, The Emquartier Shopping Complex

"Bangkok Attacker" Thailand's Top Pilot is organized by N.C.C Exhibition Organizer Company Limited (NEO) and sponsored by The Emquartier. The event will be held on 7 May 2017 at Quartier avenue, The Emquartier from 10.00am-8.00pm. The event also hosts seminar and workshop in “Innovator VS Inventor” by PH.D. Mahisorn Wongphati, an innovator from HiveGround Company Limited, and Mr. Mr.Wachirawat Aungsupanith, an inventor from DGI Production Company Limited, moderator by Mr. Charoonsak Sukawatano, an aviation and insurance specialist from Drone Thai Insurance. The workshop “Aerial Photography” by DJI Phantom Thailand and moderator by Mr. Piyawat Khempetch a.k.a. DJ PK. Showcases of drone innovation and other accessories that related to Drone from industry leaders such as DJI Phantom Thailand, SkyVIV, RTB Technology, Sony, FPV Only. Those interested should not miss! More information about rules and racing including application for this speed competition could be found at http://www.thailanddronegp.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/Thailanddronegrandprix/

Grand Opening First Time Drone Night Race in Downtown of Bangkok The collaboration to pre-launch the event "Bangkok Attacker" by Miss Bussaya Prakobthong; General Manager, N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. and Mr. Manatase Annawat; Deputy Managing Director, The Emporium Group.

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Show Day
Attacker Pilot Ranking Race

One of the highlights of the showcase of drone at the event Bangkok Attacker which are the innovative commercial drones. There will be 6 of showcases by the drone big brands in the market. Especially, e-Bee Plus drone for mapping; a large coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability for survey-grade accuracy on demand. The price is 2 million baht.


Aerial Photography

Drone & Digital Lifestyle

Super Pilot

“Innovator VS Inventor”
Mr. Charoonsak Sukawatano

Drone Thai Insurance

PH.D. Mahisorn Wongphati

(Innovator) HiveGround Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wachirawat Aungsupanith

(Inventor) DGI Production Co., Ltd.

Piyawat Kempetch (DJ PK)

Open to all Thais and international pilots by the minimum age of 10 years (minors below the age of 17 must be accompanied by legal guardian). Pilot must be registered at http://www.thailanddronegp.com


Aircraft - Mini Multirotor Class
Frame size open
5 inch diameter minimum propeller size
6 inch (152 millimeter) diameter maximum propeller size
2 bladed, 3 bladed and 4 bladed propellers allowed

Maximum motor "NO LIMIT" on KV and size
Battery Cells - 3-4S LiPo battery, maximum 4.2 volts per cell (LiHv allowed charged at 4.20v per cell maximum Video Transmitter set to 200mw
Mandatory requirement to use Immersion Tramp VTX or TBS Unify VTX (Race or Pro). Please noted that any types of VTX transmitter are allowed to use only in this race by the transmitted power is not more than 250 milliwatts.

Timing & Transponders

The Timing System will based on VTX based transponder, using the signal strength of the VTX channel according to the Race organizer

VTX Transmitter

Minimum must have install 1 Immersion Tramp VTX installed with the NFC module easily excessed by the Immersion Wand (Race organizer will have the wand to change VTX channels and mw when required) TBS unify button can be easily excessed.

FPV Camera and Others

All competitors are advised to use an FPV camera or OSD system that has function to display the pilots name on the screen. This will allow spotters and viewers to easily identify each pilot and competitor’s aircraft.

Ground Station

4 Ground stations will be provided for maximum image signal quality. Race lane/VTX channel will be assign during race. Organizer will be locking down 4 channels for the entire event so any frequency changes will only be done on competitors VTX's between the race heats. Pilots to ensure that their Immersion Tramp VTX’s TNR (NFC) are mounted on with easy access.


Every pilot is allowed to have a personal Spotter on flight deck. Organiser spotters will monitor pilots via LCD display.

Spotter Duty

Keeping visual contact at all times of their assigned pilot.
Notifying Contest Director, Race Director and Pilots of unsafe situations.

Race Disputes

1. Missed Gate or Flag Pilots must fly through all gates. If a gate is missed, it is the responsibility of the pilot to safely taxi around (please avoid oncoming drones) and go through the gate. If a pilot misses a gate or cuts a flag turn, that run is disqualified and the pilot receives a DNF. During qualifying heats or time trials. If a gate has fallen down caused by wind or hit by a drone that heat will rerun. On race heats all runs will continue (fly over fallen gates). Pilots are not allowed to fly 2x higher then a race flag, pilots will have to turn back around the flag or will be consider a DNF.
2. Flying Out of Bounds Scored as a DNF. No laps are tallied.
3. Aircraft Damaged / Not Able to Race If a Pilot notifies the Race Director prior to the start of the heat that he cannot race, the race director can bump the pilot to a new heat for reruns. Race Director can deny request for any reason. Pilots will get no more than one of these types of reruns.
4. Not Ready in Time At the time where the race director calls the next race heat, a 4 minute timer should be started. The purpose of this clock is not to give pilots 4 minutes to get to the line but instead to give the race director authority to start a race without a pilot once the 4 minute mark has been reached. The race does not have to start in 4 minutes but this provides the race director with a fair measurement tool for this decision.

Starting a Race

Pilot Jumps the Gun / Starts Early – Rerun but a maximum of 1 time only.
If same pilot jumps the gun, pilot will be disqualified.
Aircraft does not take off - Pilot Out of Race, No Rerun (case to case basis, race directors call).
Aircraft flips - Safety Officer should flip quads for pilots at start as long as there is no traffic in area. No Rerun.
Crash into other aircraft. – not finishing 1 lap will be a rerun (Max only 1 time)
Pilot loses video due to someone else plugging in and this is proven via DVR – Rerun
Pilot Loses Video for Unknown Reason with good reason – Race Director is the final authority of all such disputes


No celebration laps, no celebration freestyle or high-flying, no interfering with the flight lines of other pilots still racing. All pilots MUST land on appointed landing area.


Occasionally a pilot may request a rerun (like in the event of losing video). The Race Director is the final authority of all such disputes.


8.30am - 9.30 am Registration & Safety Check
9.30am - 9.45 am Pilot Safety Briefings
10.00am - 11.30am Free Practice all systems check
11.30am - 12.00am Break
12.00pm - 1.30 pm Qualifying Session 1
2.00 pm - 3.00pm Qualifying Session 2
3.30 pm - 5.00pm Qualifying Session 3
5.30 pm - 6.00pm Prize Giving

List of participants Bangkok Attacker (7 MAY 2017)
# First Name - Last Name Team Name
1 โอฬาร ตันติภนา (Oran Tuntipana) Suanluang
2 นาย อิทธิพล วิเศษสุวรรณ (Mr.Itthiphon Wisatsuwan) TeamBlackDog Fpv Racing
3 (Mark Leo Lim) Team Blackdog
4 ปฐมพงษ์ ชัยทัศน์ (Pathomphong Chaithat) สวนหลวง สปีดเวย์
5 อัฐพล ภิญโญคง (Attapon pinyokong) Rotor idiot
6 เกียรติศักดิ์ วิระย์กิจ (Keatisak Virayakij) Rotor idiot
7 กุลธวัช ดวงแก้ว (Kultawat Doungkaew) สวนหลวง สปีดเวย์
8 จักรี ศรีอนุชาต (chakei saianuchat) สวนหลวง สปีดเวย์
9 ส.อ.สันตติ กุญชวน (Santati kunchuan) Rotor Idiot
10 วีรศรุต พึ่งทหาร (Weerasarut Pungthahan)
11 อนุพนธ์ พรเอี่ยมรักษา (Anuphon Phoneamlucksa)
12 วีรพล แดงวิลัย (Veerapon Dangvilai) PRACHUAP FPV TEAM
13 มนตรี คงสอน (Montre Kongson) PRACHUAP FPV TEAM
14 ด.ญ.วรรรญา วรรณผ่อง (Wanraya Wannapong ( Milk )) สวนหลวงสปีดเวย์
15 ชาญณรงค์ เขยะตา (Channarong Khaeyata) PRACHUAP FPV TEAM
16 ธีระพงษ์ จันทรภักดี (Teerapong Jantarapakdee ) P.P.Shop 8 Riew
17 ปิโยรส สุรินทร์ (Piyorot surin) Rotor Idiots
18 ธีวืนท์ โสภากร (Teewin Sopakron) FPV ONLY
19 อัฐพล วงศ์กมลาไสย (Joe3D) Team Blackdog
20 ณพงษ์ชัย สุวรรณประทีป (Napongchai Suwanprateep) FPVONLY THAILAND
21 (Vu) Flying Penguin
22 กฤช เสรีพัฒนกุล (Kritch) FPVONLY Thailand
23 เทพฤทธิ์ ขจรพิมานมาศ (Tepparit Kajornpimarnmars) 96RC
24 (Cedric CRISPIN) Farang Manaw
25 เฉลิมวัชร พุฒพัฒนะ (Chalerm Watchar Phat Patana) FPVONLY
26 ภานุพงค์ บุตรอยู่ (Phanupong bootyu) สวนหลวงสปีดเวย์
27 บุญมา ศักดิ์บุญญารัตน์ (Boonma Sakboonyarat)
28 ธีรพงศ์ สงวนวงศ์ (Teerapong Sanguonwong) savage team
29 ชาลี มาร์แชลล์ (Charly marshall) Team Blackdog
30 ศักรินทร์ คงทน CD
31 (Jamie Phed) FPVONLY 96RC
32 นภินทร์ สุขเสือ (Naphin Suksuea) FPV ONLY
33 ปานุวัฒน์ ทิวัตถ์ภคพงศ์ FPV ONLY THAILAND
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